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Welcome to my website and my world of photography.


I am Susmita, fondly called Sus by friends and family. I am a Seattle based photographer who enjoys shooting portraits and events.I started taking pictures when I moved to the gorgeous emerald city of Seattle and slowly what started as a hobby turned to passion  and now to a full time career.


Creating compelling, intimate images makes my day, and nothing to me is more exciting than exceeding my customer's expectations. I would appreciate hearing from you on my "Book a Service" page to outline your photo needs. You can also call me today at (425) 365-9334 to inquire about my work.

Our memories, the people we once knew, places, moments all fade from our minds. What is captured in photographs lasts a lifetime. Hence, here I am - hoping to freeze  a beautiful moment in time - that you can cherish forever.

Contact me

Tel: 425-365-9334


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